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Patrick von Pander
Patrick von Pander
Master-Certified Business, Corporate, & Life Coach

About the instructor

Husband, Son, Friend, Citizen, Entrepreneur, Neighbour, Fitness Nut, Foodie, Sports Fan, Music Lover, Movie Goer. Master-Certified Business, Corporate, & Life Coach for over 14 years. Author of 10 Business & Life Coaching Programs. Professional Speaker & Trainer.


Your GamePlan for filling your service business with Profitable Clients

This program is specifically designed to help Service Professionals fill their business with Profitable Clients! Solo Professionals are those who are working without partners & without staff offering a service either through Billable Hours or through a Fee-For-Service basis. These include:

Mortgage BrokersContractorsMassage TherapistsWeb Developers
Financial AdvisorsTradespeopleNaturopathsGraphic Designers
BookkeepersEngineersAcupuncturistsEvent Planners
LawyersArchitectsKinesiologistsPersonal Organizers

For over 15 years, we've worked with all of the above in helping either underperforming or new professionals finally fill their business with their ideal clients & operate in a way that generates much higher profits in less time.

The Big Picture for SOLO PROFESSIONALS shares with you a specific 10-Step sequence that is vital to follow if you want to avoid wasting your valuable Time & Money & Energy. When our clients have implemented this proven 10-Step sequence, most have cut by half the time & energy to achieving their healthy, thriving service business.

If you're ready & willing to do what's necessary to (finally) have your service business thrive, then don't overthink this & allow yourself to talk yourself out of having what you really want. Just get started!

5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - LAUNCH!!!

Course Contents

116 PDFs
20.0 hrs

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